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Chris’ Landscape, Inc. (CLI) was founded in 1996 as a landscape design/installation business for single-family residential homes. Since then the breadth of work has expanded but our landscape design methodology has basically stayed the same.

It is our intention to create a Landscape Design Plan (Plan) for a client with the understanding that  we also intend to install the work we designed.  Our Plan will be delivered to the client with an estimate of cost proposal to install the work proposed after the proposed design has been agreed upon by the Client. For smaller scale projects we will usually complete the design proposal by the second visit with the Client. Larger scale projects may need  several concept drawing edits and three or four more meetings with the Client prior to arriving at the final plan and proposed cost to install the Plan.

If a client only wants a Landscape Design Plan and our Designers  have the time we will complete a Landscape Design Plan for a fee. This fee will be determined after we know the scope of the work so we can fairly charge for our time spent developing the Plan.  The design client can then take the Plan and install the work themselves or hire someone else.

When we are initially contacted for design and/or installation work we will try to qualify the potential client over the telephone.  If the Client and CLI  are willing to work together, we will then set up an initial site visit and  consultation appointment ASAP with our Designer and all of the Client’s decision makers. There is no fee for the initial site visit and consultation.  The initial site visit and consultation is usually 60 to 90 minutes long. Once we know the future client is interested in using our services we will determine a Landscape Design Plan fee for their project.  Half of the  design fee is due to us prior to the completion of the initial visit and  consultation.  The balance of the design fee is due at the delivery of  the final Plan.  We ask that if possible, the Client provide us with a plat of survey of the property at the initial site visit and consultation.   The plat of survey is very helpful for design plan layout and determining the scope.

At the initial site visit and consultation the Designer will ask about what work the client wants and then listen to the  client response. The Designer will make sure he/she understands the  Client’s use and intention of the property, their likes & dislikes, their dreams, wants and desires.  The main goal of the initial site visit and consultation is it for the Designer and the Client to form a cohesive understanding of a design concept that combines the Client’s personal taste and style with plant varieties and hardscape materials appropriate to the  site.  At the completion of the initial site visit and consultation the Designer will schedule a second meeting with the Client.  We may present a few design concepts at this second visit or we may be able to complete the design process depending on the scope and size of the proposed work.  If  possible we aim to complete the design process in two weeks for smaller  projects.  The design process may take several months for large projects.   Once there is an agreement on the Landscape Design Plan and Installation  Proposal with the Client to install the work an estimated time of installation is determined and the down-payment is collected from the client.




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